Why Overdrive?

  • Having overdrive from the transmission will reduce or eliminate torque twist more effectively than overdrive/underdrive at the ring and pinion.
  • The gear ratio is slightly higher than stock promoting one knobby at a time precision driving.
  • Having the front tires spinning faster than the rear allows for a tighter turning radius on the rocks, it eliminates the "plowing" affect.
  • When ascending (or turning up) off camber transitions the front tires are pulling the rear, this allows the truck to navigate the obstacle without the rear pushing through the turn.
  • When climbing vertical or near vertical obstacles the front is always pulling, this helps to keep the rear from digging or under cutting and subsequently wanting to flip over.
  • With the front spinning in this case, anytime the rear has the slightest bit of traction the front will pull the truck up or through.
  • It's also very helpful in breaking over an obstacle as the front is pulling. It also promotes a greater over all control when descending as the rear is being slightly pulled.